In Los Angeles, your real estate defines you. In New York, it merely permeates every corner of your psyche. As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with Keller Williams NYC, I witness this reality on a daily basis.

Where we live determines how we live. And living in Manhattan has made me the man I am today. I moved here from Winnetka, Illinois in 1992 with no friends, no job and no apartment. Somehow I made it work while making every mistake in the book. And in the process I had some special moments. And through the good times and the bad, I always showed particularly sound judgment when it came to shelter. With this blog, I’m hoping to connect the lessons I’ve learned through life with the clarity I’m getting from working in industry where the product is tangible, the rules are defined, and the market is forced into fairness.

Real estate is simple. It’s life that’s complicated.

I can be reached via email at Pete.holmberg@york24.com or by phone at 917-501-7434. Please let me know if you have any questions!